Biblical Blessings are Promising Words of Blessings for the Righteous

Biblical blessings verses show how to blessed, and tells of Gods blessings to those who are righteous, and also trust and obey his word.

God's blessings are wonderful and meant for us. Bible blessings promises reward for our righteousness to him and to others.

Find words of blessings in these bible verses of biblical blessings.

Bible verses of God's blessings.

Numbers 6:24-25

The LORD bless you and keep you;

the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;

Job 5:17

Blessed is the man whom God corrects; so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty.


Psalm 5:12

For surely, O LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.

Psalm 21:2-4

You have granted him the desire of his heart and have not withheld the request of his lips. Selah

You welcomed him with rich blessings and placed a crown of pure gold on his head.

He asked you for life, and you gave it to him— length of days, for ever and ever.


Bible Verses of God's blessing continued.

Psalm 29:11

The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.

Psalm 32:1

Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered.


Psalm 32:2

Blessed is the man whose sin the LORD does not count against him and in whose spirit is no deceit.

Psalm 33:12

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.


Psalm 34:8

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

More Bible Verses of Biblical Blessings.

Psalm 37:26

They are always generous and lend freely; their children will be blessed.

Psalm 40:4

Blessed is the man who makes the LORD his trust, who does not look to the proud, to those who turn aside to false gods.


Psalm 41:1

Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the LORD delivers him in times of trouble.

Psalm 84:12

O LORD Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you.


Psalm 89:15

Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.

Psalm 94:12

Blessed is the man you discipline, O LORD, the man you teach from your law;


Psalm 106:3

Blessed are they who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right.

Psalm 112

Praise the LORD. Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who finds great delight in his commands.


Psalm 115:13

he will bless those who fear the LORD— small and great alike.

Psalm 115:15

May you be blessed by the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.


Psalm 119:1

Blessed are they whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the LORD.

Proverbs 3:13

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding,


Proverbs 14:21

He who despises his neighbor sins, but blessed is he who is kind to the needy.

Isaiah 30:18

Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!

Jeremiah 17:7

But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.

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