Bible Trivia Questions, Quizes and Facts!

Bible trivia questions are for children, teens, and adult Sunday School or for Bible Study Classes. The bible quiz questions are from the Old and New Testament.

Theses questions can be used for most ages depending on their bible knowledge. Have fun learning interesting bible facts!

Bible Trivia Questions

1. How old was Noah when the flood began?

2. What was the name of Abraham's wife that he took after Sarah died?

3. Jacob had 12 sons. What was the name of his youngest son?

4. Jacob changed his last sons name to Benjamin. What did his wife name him before she died?

5. What animal did God use to speak to the prophet Balaam?

6. How many sons did Gideon have?

7. What was Samson's father's name?

8. What animal did Samson tie the tails together and place a torch between them to set them loose in the Philestine's corn?

9. What were the names of both of Naomi's daughter-in-laws?

10. Who was David's Grandfather?

Answers to Bible Questions

1. 600 Gen. 7:11

2. Keturah Gen. 25:1

3. Benjamin Gen. 25:1

4. Ben-o-ni Gen. 35: 18

5. Donkey Gen. 22:28

6. 70 or threescore and ten sons Gen. 8:30

7. Manoah Judges 13:12

8. Foxes Judges 15:4

9. Ruth and Orpah Ruth 1:4

10. Boaz Ruth 4:22

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