Remembering Bible Verses At The Times Of Need

God is with me all the time. He is in my heart, and all around me. He is there when I am asleep and He is there when I need His guidance and help. He sends a ray of hope in my heart when I feel lost and alone. God uplifts my soul and inspires me to become a better human being.

I found God while spending time in prison. I had been caught while trying to steal food from a grocery store. The months I spent in jail made me see an uglier part of the world, something even worse than poverty. I succumbed to my cell and was left on my own in a world where character and integrity did not exist. During my times alone with myself, I was left wondering what my purpose of existence was and where I was headed after my release from this abyss. It was during my visits to the jail library that I found the bible. It was one of the verses in the bible that touched me deeply:

“The Bible has been given to us as a guide for our life.” (Psalm 119:105)

And just like that, I found God and affirmed my faith. I found my purpose of life, which was to stay on the right path to become a strong man. I was protected by God and my faith in Jesus against every form of calamity.

I will be released from prison in a few short weeks. I know now where I had gone wrong and where to make amends in my mistakes. I will carry on my life and improve my well-being by finding a job for a means of income. and above all, I will keep God in my heart and stay on the righteous path of existence.

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